The Wilderness Kingdom 2.0

Where back! The Wilderness Kingdom is currently in development! We are working on a new vanilla Minecraft server. There will be Essentials and PermissionsEx. But there will be no claiming nor griefing. This server will be as close to pure vanilla Minecraft as possible.

Things you can look forward too:

A Fun community and server to play SMP with yourself or with friends.
Donation ranks to be purchased for special perks.
A lag-free environment to enjoy the game of Minecraft.
A constantly updating server that is always up to date with Minecraft versions.
A discord server to join and talk to your friends and staff members.
Want to join our staff team? We are looking for all kinds of staff members. If you feel like you could help out our server click the apply button on the top menu of this website. 

Staff positions open:

- Admins
- Developers
- Moderators
- Builders
- Helpers
- Trials

We can't wait for you to come see our server once its up. Also if you do apply for staff, we look forward to having you on our team.